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Our Principal

A Message From Our Principal

November 2018


Dear White Oak Families,


We have completed our first quarter of the school year and have enjoyed the opportunity to meet with all our parents at the fall conferences. Thank you for continuing to be a partner with us in your child's education!


If you have driven past the school, you may have noticed that we are still under construction with the fencing project begun over the summer. We are hopeful that it will be complete, with all the new gates installed by the end of the month. Please be sure to avoid walking on our newly landscaped areas along the Nelda gate. 


We are working on many projects and programs in the classroom, including preparation for our Veterans Day ceremony, Boxes of Thanks, character education, and much more. Our early dismissal day each month has provided our staff with invaluable time to hold professional development training, staff meetings, and allows collaboration time to ensure that your child's learning is the top priority. 


We are working on the positivity challenge with our school this year, which means that we are looking to find something positive in each day. When you are speaking with you students about their day, you can ask them, "What were to positive things today and what is something that you would like to try differently tomorrow?" Changing the conversation to focus on the positive and overcoming any challenge is the best mindset for all to have. 


Please be sure that you are receiving my weekly emails with all our updates, programs, schedule, and informational flyers. If you are getting them, please be sure to check your "junk" folder and update your email address in Aeries. 




Mrs. Perryman


"Your Attitude Determines Your Direction"